"A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways"  BOOK REVIEW
 《香港電車百年情》  讀者分享

A year after the publication of 'We Love Tram' Eric Lee published this follow-up book 'A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways'.

This new book builds on the success of 'We Love Tram' and whilst remaining approximately the same size dimensionally, it increases its content to 272 pages and comes in hardback form only. Its bright green cover with an image of Tram 128 make it easily recognisable. The book has both English and Chinese text.

Following the author's foreword and a guest foreword by Alan Cheung, Vice President of the Hong Kong Collectors Society, the book is divided into six chapters, as follows:-
Chapter 1 - The Milestones of Hong Kong Tramways
The First Tramways System in Hong Kong - The Birth of Hong Kong Tramways - The First Double Decker - The Enclosed Upper Deck Design - The End of Bus Operations - The Japanese Occupation - The Post-War Tramcar - The Single-Deck Trailers - The Abolishment of Conductor & Class systems - Tramways Expansion Projects - The Operations in 1990's - A Hundred Years of Tram Service
Chapter 2 - We Love Trams
Fascinated by 120 - Antique Trams - Maintenance Trams - A Tram with Two Heads - Hong Kong Trams Abroad - Tram in the Museum of History - Nostalgic Tram in 'Old Hong Kong' - The Millennium Era - Inaugurating the New Generation Tram - Tram Operation Control Centre (OCC)
Chapter 3 - Onboard the Trams
The Reporter's View from Trams -
Journey of Love - Testimony from a Driver - Bustling Chun Yeung Street, North Point - Depot at Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay - The ever-changing tram ad - Dreams from an enthusiast
Chapter 4 - Collections
Tram Tickets - HKT Badges - Pamphlets & Leaflets - HKT Souvenirs - Tram Books - Tram Models
Chapter 5 - Trams around the World
The Exploration and Exchange Tour in Dalian -
The Shanghai Tramways Tour - A Tour of Kaoshiung
Chapter 6 - Enjoy the Tram Ride
Photo Gallery
It must always be an anxious time for any author when publishing a 'follow-up' book, especially when the subject matter is the same as the first and that first book was so highly rated.

Prior to receiving the book, I was aware of the duplication of some chapters from the first book, which concerned me a little. This concern disappeared immediately upon opening the book, as whilst some popular chapters from the first book are replicated, the contents of these chapters is much improved and new photographs included. Also immediately noticeable is the higher quality paper used and the clear text. The use of larger photographs, many with vibrant colours, bring the book to life. Several page shots are included below.

I rated 'We Love Tram' as 'superb' - this book easily rates higher and is a must for anyone who has an interest (no matter how great or small) in Hong Kong trams.

The final page reads 'To be continued ....' - all I can say is Eric has set himself a very high standard!!!
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