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News of this book was first announced in April 2011 with a total of 1,500 copies being published in total, 200 copies of which are special editions. Whilst both the standard and special editions have the same content, the design of the front cover differs. Each special edition is uniquely numbered. A pvc plastic film preprinted with a 3-D tram no. 168 as well as the route of the tramways is affixed to each book. The book was set for publication on 16th May, however, owing to a printing problem, it was not published until early June. Text is in both Chinese and English. All copies of the special edition were sold out soon after publication.

Having collected my book from the local Royal Mail sorting office on my way to work yesterday morning, I decided to have a sneak preview during my lunch-break, which then became a rather extended lunch-break!

The book is full of colour, interesting facts and some unusual and imaginative photography. It is well laid out and features sections about trams generally, trams around the world, collections of models, tickets, books, etc., the new tram era and a gallery of photographs under the heading Scenes, People, Trams.

I was a little concerned at the pvc plastic film around the book, as this appeared rather crumpled - only to find it was the clear thin protective film, which was easily removed, and revealed a superb 3-D effect of tram no. 168!

All in all, a superb book, written by enthusiasts and published in a very professional manner and worth every penny - or should I say dollar!

© Oriental Model Buses by Graham White, Jul 2011


"Tram Friends” are a group of people in Hong Kong with a strong interest, indeed passion, for their local trams. This book has been produced by them to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their group’s founding and also the first year of the operation of Hong Kong Tramways Limited by Veolia.

The book is produced to a high standard in a rather artistic style and I imagine that their target audiences are tourists and the general public. It is written in both English and Chinese. There is a nice transparent half dust cover with a good tram picture and a map of the system.

The work begins with a series of sections written by individual “Friends” saying why they like the trams. There follows sections of photos with captions, again by different members, on specific aspects of the tramway, trams around the world, collections(which includes a small part on models), the new era and then twenty-four pages of general and somewhat arty views. Finally there is a cardboard tram for the kids to cut out and colour.

I have visited the former colony several times myself, beginning in 1981, so learning that the Veolia had taken over struck horror in my mind, with visions of them introducing some gross French modern design to replace the much loved 4-wheel double deckers. How wrong could I be? In fact the book tells us that they have rebuilt one of the modern (and disliked by some)“Millennium” trams to outwardly resemble the earlier and classic style while at the same time introducing modern interior features and equipment, and establishing the pattern for future cars.

If you have been to Hong Kong, then you will find this book a nice souvenir of your trip. Also available from the same source are a set of four postcards on the “We Love Tram” theme, a “Go Green! Take the Tram ”eco-friendly carrier bag, and a HK tramcar plush toy – ideal for the very young.

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