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Tramric® partners with Hong Kong Tramways Ltd to produce transport souvenirs and to introduce Hong Kong to visitors.

  Ranging from tram models to stationery, and from books to toys, we offer you a wide selection of collectibles that you won't want to miss. We are responsible for designing, manufacturing and marketing transport-related products. View our products now and bring your favorite ones home!


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Hong Kong Tramways 110th Anniversary Souvenir Series

Hong Kong Tramways : a glimpse of its century 

Author : Lee Tsun Lung Eric

To celebrate Hong Kong Tramways 110th anniversary, this book captured over 300 heritage tram photos, carrying Hong Kong culture and stories.

ISBN : 9789888290871



Hong Kong Trams Set

Heritage Tram 120

We pursued a more detailed design following the real tram. This set includes a battery-powered model of the most classic and well known tram 120. A set of railway tracks and a tram station that could be customized. Children and railway enthusiasts will love it!




Poster Download 1078x766


The Memorial Tram 110

Exterior of the memorial tram number 110. Besides featuring the Hong Kong street views, part of the tram body decoration is also made of reflective material so as to deliver the message of the 110th Anniversary "Carrying Our Culture and Life Stories". It implies that Hong Kong people can discover their everyday story looking at the tram and, in other words, tram reflects the everyday life of the people.




Poster Download 1078x766

The Classic Tram in 1950s

It carries all memories of Hong Kong people and clearly stated "I LOVE HONG KONG" to show our passion to HK.









"The Memorial Tram 110" A4 folder







Poster Download 1078x766


 Hong Kong Tramways Logo Pin set

Limited Edition to 1,500 set with a Cert.

the logo of Hong Kong Tramways stemming from 3 different decades have witnessed the remarkable development of the Hong Kong Tramways.

Left - before 1970s  |  Mid - Now  |  Right - 110th Anniversary


Poster Download 1078x766


6.5” Cute HK Tramcar Plush

With reference to the 5th generation tram, the cutie tram plush carries the most representative 1904-livery. Different from other transport memorabilia, the plush is made of cotton, which emphasizes the comfort and warmth of riding a tram. Tramric® hopes to appeal your thoughts and feelings with its designs.


Poster Download 1078x766




Mini Hong Kong Tram Car  

( Plastic )

Tram Length : 5cm
Product Code: TQ3332

with a Tram Station




Mini Hong Kong Buses  

( Plastic )

Length : 5cm
Product Code: 4313Q




“Green trip since 1904” Memorial bag

( second edition )

A 14” x 16” apricot tram-logo handbag was made by canvas; a slogan, “Go Green! Take the Tram”, was printed onto the bag to deliver the message for environmental protection. Since 1904, Hong Kong Tramways has been working very hard on environmental protection and providing passengers a much efficient and eco-friendly transport service.


Poster Download 1078x766



Key chain

Tram Stop alloy Key Chain

TR005 - Causeway Bay Terminus
TR006 - Arsenal Street Station
TR007 - Chun Yeung Street Station

*A brief introduction on the stations at a paper card, which will be packed together with the product.

Poster Download 1078x766




Tram A4 plastic brochure folder

At the front, the slogan of Hong Kong Tramways Limited, "The Tram is changing to better serve Hong Kong", was printed together with the newly constructed tram #168; while at the back, the route map as well as the history of Hong Kong Tramways Limited was printed, which allows public having a better understanding about Hong Kong tramways.


Poster Download 1078x766




"Hong Kong's Ferry" A4 Folder

The ferry crossings at Victoria Harbour are acclaimed as an important part of the commuter system between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, and essential journeys for visitors. The National Geographic Traveler named the ferry crossing as one of 50 places of a lifetime.  The ferry ride is also well known as one of the world’s best value-for-money sightseeing trips.



Poster Download 1078x766



"Hong Kong Classic Buses" A4 Folder







"The Generation of the Trams"

Post-it Memo Pad

10 X 10 CM; 100 Pages


Poster Download 1078x937


Household Item

"Our Best Moment with HongKong Tramways"

2R Magnet Frame 



Poster Download 1078x766


"Hong Kong Transport in the old days" magnet

Diameter : 80mm (W) X 50mm (H)




TR017B - BUS







Classic Tram Stop plastic Coaster

Diameter : 90mm ; Thickness : 4mm



Poster Download 1078x766






Hong Kong Tramways:
Across the City, Across the Century

Poster Download


Be it the passing scenery, Or the collective memory that has always accompanied us, “Ding Ding” not only brings with it the road travelled by the Hong Kong people across the century, But also carries the traditional culture and the spirit of Hong Kong.

Mr. Eric Lee, The author has collected more than 200 precious photos and relevant literature to concisely and gently present the history of tram development And little known trivia on the production and anecdotes. Most of the photos in the book have never been published, aiming to share with tram fans and like-minded friends on both the history of and the tenderness one gets from the love of trams.

Author :  Eric Lee
Pages : 180 pages all in colour
Language : English
250mm (W) X 250mm (H)

Case Cover : Hard Cover

ISBN : 978-988-83669-6-5

Available Date : Apr 2016


Tram Art Gallery

Poster Download 1200x848


This book is a treasure chest of information that will nourish your soul. Tramric brings new themes in a book every year for transport enthusiasts. We have worked with professional photographers to create a photo compilation that will debut in July, and we are fortunate to have the preface written by Hong Kong Tramways' General Manager.

<Tram Art Gallery> is designed and packaged as a collector's item, portraying our trams in an artistic and creative way. The photo collection captures our trams in unique settings and highlights changes in our cityscape over time as the tram network bears witness to over a hundred years of rapid development. In addition, we have also included tram development history and plans for a tram network in Kai Tak.

Author : Bona Liu, Kelvin Pang, Eric Lee, Kenny Yung, Joe Fung
Pages : 272 pages all in colour
Language : English & Chinese
273mm (W) X 210mm (H)

Case Cover : Hard Cover with Round back

ISBN : 978-988-16655-8-4

Available Date : Aug 2013


A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways   

Poster Download 1200x848

Trams are an important and inseparable achievement of Hong Kong’s development. Having traversed the northern shores of Hong Kong Island since 1904, they play testimony to our city’s evolution. Today, Hong Kong operates the largest double-deck tram fleet in the world, with many trams colorfully-decorated and busy serving its passengers. In recent years, the tram network has undergone major reforms to improve efficiency and enhance customer service while preserving its historic and iconic value.

To celebrate the 108th anniversary of tram service, we publish <A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways>, which includes valuable historic photographs and information about our trams’ development history. We have detailed previous plans to build tram networks in Kowloon and the northwestern New Territories, and documented our travels to similar networks in mainland China and Taiwan. It’s a must-have for transport enthusiasts!

Author : Lee Tsun Lung Eric
Pages : 272 pages all in colour
Language : English & Chinese
170mm (W) X 210mm (H)
Case Cover : Hard Cover with Round back

ISBN : 978-988-16655-0-8

Available Date : Jul 2012







Limited Edition





<We Love Tram> is dedicated to VEOLIA Transport's first anniversary of operating Hong Kong Tramways and Tram Friends®' 5th birthday.

Unlike other public transportation books,
<We Love Tram> focuses on enthusiasts' thoughts and opinions and the tram's sustainable development into the future, with a relatively lighter emphasis on history and technical details. The authors have shared their valuable collectibles to illustrate their deep passion for our trams. The photos not only illustrate the tram's rich history, but also its close connection to our city's development and social fabric. In addition, the participation and support of tram memorabilia collector Mr. Alan Cheung and Hong Kong Tramways have enriched the stories presented in this book.

Hope you will join us to witness our tram network's continued development into a brighter future. 

The key aspects of the book include :
- enthusiasts' thoughts and feelings about our trams
- an overview of various tram networks around the world, such as the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the US
- collectibles and photographs from My Tramways' Chairman Mr. Eric Lee and re-known memorabilia collector Mr. Alan Cheung
- tram improvement plans provided by Hong Kong Tramways and a proposed new tram design by Mr. Eric Lee
- a collage featuring some 100 photos that showcases the tram's interaction with society
- a 3-D tram model that you can make all by yourself

Book : We Love Tram
Authors : Tram Friends
Pages : 196 pages all in colour
Language : English & Chinese
170mm (W) X 210mm (H)

ISBN : 978-988-19956-4-3
Edition : General  & Limited  
includes 3-D paper tram model
Limited Edition with a set of 4 postcards

Available Date : Jun 2011

Project Manager : Mr. Lee Tsun Lung Eric
Acknowledgements : HongKong Tramways  Limited , Mr Cheung Shun Kwong Alan





A set of four HK Tram Postcards




 Poster Download 1078x766


Hong Kong Trams Set  

Revolutionary Hong Kong Trams Souvenir Series Debut !

We pursued a more detailed design following the real tram. This set includes a battery-powered model of the newest 7th generation tram and a set of railway tracks that could be customized. Children and railway enthusiasts will love it!

  TR030 - Hong Kong Tram Car anniversary "Since 1904"


TR031 - Hong Kong Tram Car  "Tram Safety"


TR032 - Hong Kong Tram Car "Recruitment Tram"

TR033 - Hong Kong Tram Car  "M+R Spedag 25th"

Poster Download (1) 1078X766

Poster Download (2) 1078X766  



Hong Kong Peak Trams



TR037 - traditional GREEN
TR038 - classic RED

「Fascinated 120」

Classic Hong Kong Trams

die-cast Model

The model has been taken reference to the traditional tramcar #120 featured with 4 colors, namely the traditional Green for Hong Kong tramways, Classic Red, Vintage Blue & Dream Purple.

Tramcar #120 is the only traditional post-war type tramcar, which has been operating since 1949 till today. "Hong Kong Tramways" is printed in English and Chinese with the mentioned four background colors at the model. At the package, we have put the old tram route as well as an old photo of a classic tramcar passing through Central. The product is definitely a good tram souvenirs/ collections for both children and adults!


TR102 - traditional GREEN
TR103 - classic RED
TR104 - vintage BLUE (sold out)
TR105 - dream PURPLE (sold out)


 Poster Download 1078x766


「Support Hong Kong Trams」

Classic Hong Kong Trams

die-cast Model





Hong Kong Tram Car  

( Die-cast Model )

Scale: HO Gauge (1:76 )
Product Code: CE00601



Old Hong Kong Buses 

( Die-cast Model )

Scale: 1:68


Poster Download 1078x766


Old Hong Kong  Leyland Lorry ( Rice Trading )

( Die-cast Model )

Scale: 1:76



Old Hong Kong  Leyland Lorry ( Petroleum Gas )

( Die-cast Model )

Scale: 1:76

L13764 (W)


Old Hong Kong  Commer Lorry ( Choi Kee )

( Die-cast Model )

Scale: 1:76



* Images for reference only.

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